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Part Decoration / Painting

Merit technology’ Tooling and Forming offers post molding service. The cosmetic look of a part can be as important as the function it serves, and there are many factors that determine the final appearance of an injection molded component. Merit Technology in house capabilities along with our industry connections allow us to offer a variety of decorating techniques including:

• Pad Printing

• Hot Stamping

• Silk Screening

• EMI Shielding

• Coating and Plating

• Painting

• Packaging

Things to consider about part decoration.

Color : Part decorating is not just limited to post molding techniques. Nearly any material can be color matched to existing components or marketing material. By providing ASH with a color sample, pantone color code, html color code or other color definition we can mold parts to exactly match your existing product line, marketing material, or vision.

Material : Every material appears different upon molding. Materials can be molded to an optically clear finish, tinted color transparency, or to look and function like wood. Some resins highlight the fingerprints of the modeling process while others can hide defects naturally. Material selection can even limit your choice of post-molding decoration options as not all plastics can be painted, plated, or otherwise marked . It is important to discuss the final decoration requirements with our engineers and we work closely with material suppliers so that unacceptable materials can be identified and eliminated early in the process.

Texture and Polish : Texture effects part design, mold design, processing requirements and secondary processes and is a key consideration for any cosmetic component. ASH standard EDM finish provides a smooth mold surface and parts. Texturing can be added to the steel of a mold to increase part friction or hide defects. ASH can also polish or plate a mold to provide a high-gloss part typically used in consumer devices.

Part Design : Many cosmetic functions of a component can be controlled in the design stage. Proper part design can eliminate cosmetic defects, allow for raised or indented logos, provide product information (such as serial numbers) without any need for a secondary process. As part of our quoting process ASH makes suggestions as to design changes that may eliminate costs while still maintain the overall design intent.

In Mold Labeling (IML) and In Mold Decorating (IMD) : New techniques and advancements in the molding industry have provided many more options for part decorating. In Mold Labeling and In Mold Decorating allow graphics to be applied to a part during the modeling process eliminating costly additional steps.

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